Thunder VPN Review MOD APK v5.1.2 Free Download

By | March 30, 2023

Thunder VPN Review and Test:

Thunder VPN VIP Cracked APK review is very important for those who frequently use VPNs.  In this post, we will review its features.  Security features of thunder VPN are not up-to-standard. It is not safe to use.  You can download it from the google play store. After that, you can install and click the connect button to a proxy. Moreover, this VPN is totally free. It does not cost anything to the users.  Another important reviewing feature of Thunder VPN Crack is its simple user interface.

Thunder VPN Review MOD APK v5.1.2 Free Download

Connectivity and speed of a VPN matter a lot. Most people like fast VPNs. They prefer a VPN which provides a fast connection. But when we tested the VPN, we came to know that thunder VPN  is very slow. Thus, Thunder VPN is not fast. So, it is very disappointing for the users.  As we know there are many VPNs across the technology world. They all differ in their properties. So, it has its own properties. But the question of choosing the right VPN remains unsolved. Here is a lot of information about the Thunder VPN review. You will come to know all features of thunder VPN.

What is Thunder VPN?

                                        Thunder VPN is a proxy VPN server that allows you to browse the internet with an anonymous identity. It claims to provide online protection for users. This VPN is only available for Android users only. Also,  Thunder VPN Pro Cracked APK has over one million downloads over the google play store.  A noticeable thing about thunder is its cost. But, It is free for the users but also raises many questions about their policy. Moreover, The policy of this VPN is very vague. In addition, It does not provide the users with their full information. On their official website, there is little data available which does not give a clear-cut opinion. Therefore, People want to read about its review.

Who Owns Thunder VPN?

                                                             Due to its vague policy, people want to know who owns the VPN.  There is a single Lab company that owns this VPN. So, People don’t have too much information about thunder VPN.  Moreover, It does not obey the laws of a company. So, it is a major cause of concern for the people?

How does Thunder VPN work?

                                                                           The working pattern of Thunder VPN MOD APK is not different from others. It encrypts your Internet connection.  Suddenly, This VPN allows you to access the internet without being exposed. Moreover,  It changes your IP address through a secure proxy which provides you with more security on the internet. Also, Thunder VPN Premium APK blocks all third parties apps from tracing your IP address and online activity. Moreover,  It provides you with different proxies so that you can choose which provides you with a more speedy connection.

Is Thunder VPN free?

                                                 This is a very important question about the cost of VPNs. When reviewing the VPN service, people always look for free VPNs. Well, there is good news about this VPN. It is completely free for users. Thus, The users can download it google play store. It has a large number of downloads which could be a sign of trustiness.

        Is Thunder VPN on iPhone?  

                                                                           This VPN is not available on iPhones. It does not support the IOS operating system. Only android users can download and use it. Therefore you need to have an android device for using Thunder VPN For PC. Don’t worry, if you are an iPhone user. Here is a list of the best VPNs for the IOS operating system.

Is Thunder VPN Fast?

                                                      Thunder is not fast in connectivity.  So, Thunder VPN provides you with different proxies. Whenever you connect to thunder VPN, there is a great speed loss in the internet connection. It slows down the internet speed. Thus, The users may become offended when they browse through this VPN. Therefore, it is stated that Thunder VIP VPN is not fast and it brings out a poor internet connection.

 Is Thunder VPN safe?

                                                   Reviewing the security of Thunder VPN, it is compromised. Honestly, this VPN is not safe to use. There are many reasons for its non-security. First of all, it does not have a clear logging-in policy.  On their sites, they do not provide information about how they will secure the information of the users. Additionally, It comes with an odd and strange worrying logging policy consisting of only 272 words which are not enough to explain their viewpoints. First of all, You must know about the logging policy. Thus,  It is the Thunder VPN that collects the user’s information like their activity data, and IP addresses.

 Does Thunder VPN track IP addresses?

                                                                                                              Thunder tracks your IP address. It fails to hide your IP address. Moreover, It keeps an eye on your IP address which means that your activity is tracked by thunder VPN. Therefore, the user’s identity is compromised.  Moreover, It significantly risks the security of the users. Additionally, It stores the information of the service provider (ISP). Behind this, it gathers other information like

  •  Your email address.
  •  Your time zone
  •  Wi-Fi information
  •  connection time stamps
  •  chosen server location
  •  data bandwidth
  •  device model and manufacturer
  •  device language
  •  app version,
  •  device identifier, ad identifier,

Thunder VPN VIP Cracked APK review

Strict no Logging Policy:

                                                                           The VPN does not have a strict logging policy. It is clearly stated that the logging policy of Thunder VPN Free Download is not good. Furthermore, There is no need to collect such information about the users. Even when people criticize their logging policy.  Also, They do not provide more information. What’s more,  It could be a highly alarming situation for the users. Moreover, there is a high chance of leaking this data. Another situation is that they could sell this data on the dark web.


                                                                    SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers which is used to secure the internet connection. It protects the user’s sensitive information from being stolen. In the case of Thunder VPN 2023, It does not provide secure SSL encryption.  Thus, Its SSL encryption is outdated and weak. So,  It does not meet the industry standards. However, thunder VPN service claims that its SSL encryption protects the user’s data. However, after testing the VPN, It is obviously clear that it fails to provide security to the user’s data.

It does not even own an authentication like the IPSec protocol. Moreover, it also lacks to provide good security in common protocols like  OpenVPN and IPSec/IKEv2 protocols. It only provides a little protection to the users. Therefore, there are high chances of data leakage. The hackers could easily break through the SSL encryption. Also, there are high chances of leakage of personal information of the users.

Does Thunder VPN have a kill switch?

                                                                                              Thunder does not have a strong kill switch.  Actually, the Kill switch is an important feature of VPN services.  The kill switch works when you accidentally lose your internet connection. Moreover,  It saves you from being exposed. Whenever you lose an internet connection, it fails to block your IP address until VPN is reconnected. Therefore, the Thunder VPN kill switch does not provide enough insurance for users’ personal data.  Even after research, we have come to know that there are many incidents of data leakage.  Also, The user’s data has been compromised many times due to its low-level kill switch.


                                                           When there is a need to review any VPN, People always look for its performance when unblocking side-country streaming services.  So, They want to know how the VPN gets access to the blocked streaming websites.  What’s more,  Thunder Review claims to open most of the popular streaming websites.  It is used to open some specific streaming websites like amazon prime video and US Youtube.  This VPN fails to unblock the most popular streaming websites like Netflix.   It is a major fault of thunder VPN. Actually, People install a VPN to access the blocked content on their given IP address.

                                                       On the other hand, Thunder VPN Crack works well with BBC iPlayer. This can be a great achievement for the VPN. People grant access to the content with relatively good speed. Therefore, You are advised to switch to a good VPN. It would be very difficult for you to stream on blocked sites with good quality with this VPN. There would be a lot of problems like slow speed and buffering. However, You can access other streaming websites like:

  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • Disney+
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • US Youtube

Does Thunder VPN Support Torrenting?

                                                                                                    Thunde does not support torrenting. It fails to secure the Peek to Peek file sharing. Therefore, there is a high chance of your account being suspended. You cannot risk your account with this VPN.  So, The reason behind this performance is that it sometimes reveals your IP address due to poor security features.  Therefore, you are advised to go with a paid VPN in order to do safe torrenting like downloading files and uploading files. The download speed with this VPN is relatively slow. Along with this VPN states that the users would be responsible for the damage that occurred due to this VPN.  Reviewing it, we can say that this VPN is totally unsafe and insecure for torrenting.

                   SERVER LOCATIONS:

                                                                                This VPN is one of the free VPNs which comes with 8 different server locations for the users.  The users can choose one of these given servers and click the connect button. After this, you would be connected to a server and access the browser on the internet. Actually, in the beginning, there were nine servers.  But, the Japan server was dropped from the list due to its slow connection speed.

                                                                                     Moreover, the thunder is good for Europe and northern American countries. It becomes too slow when it is operated from Asian countries. In addition, The VPN has not upgraded itself for Asian countries and till this time it is a major fault of this VPN. Here is the list of the available servers locations:


Well, you can choose these server locations which is not bad for a free VPN.

Thunder VPN VIP Cracked APK review Free Download


                                                      It has no customer support for its users. There is no easy way to contact them. When someone needs to contact them, he does not find a customer support option. An ordinary user cannot contact them. However, The only way to contact them is their unprofessional email address hidden on their official website. During customer support we lack:

  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • No tutorial Videos 
  • No Direct Review System

   Therefore, we can say that they don’t treat or value their customers. They don’t even reply or upgrade themselves.


                                                                                                                              Our final verdict on reviewing is that it is a bad VPN.  It does not work well. Its performance is very low. It has a worrying logging policy. This VPN violates the law of privacy policy. Also, It slows down the internet speed. Besides this, it does not have good customer support. Moreover, its security features are low standard. A compromised data leakage happened with this VPN. It does not unblock the major popular streaming sites like Netflix which is a major fault.

So all in one, The users are advised to switch to another VPN.

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